Time to recap

Paleo - 365 Days

There is something about an artist that seems mysterious, something unknown and maybe even strange. Lots of artistspaleo.jpg throughout time, from Jandek to Devendra Banhard have possesed this mysterious persona at one time or another, usually to the delight of their fanbases. An artist that could easily fit into that realm is Paleo, though to a different degree maybe. Paleo is currently on tour and has been for the past 300 days or so. He has been living out of a van and playing a show almost every day, of which he books himself. He has also been writing and recording a song each and every day for a project he is calling "The Song Diary."

Paleo, also known as David Strackany, has already logged over 320 songs during this time, and you can find them all here on his website. The majority of the tunes have been recorded in an incredibly simple way, with just his voice and guitar contributing, with little ornamentation. In his own words, Paleo says

"The Song Diary is not songwriting practice. It started out as a struggle to free myself from grief over a dead relationship, and has evolved into a pilgrimage. Elaborate arrangements and other forms of glamour are not my focus. The words are what matter."

David is still unsigned, but released an album in 2005 titled "Misery, Missouri" and is finishing up the Song Diary project, which will be an album titled, "PED Xing" later this month.

Paleo will be playing tonight at the Southgate House along with ENS favorites, The Sheds. Here are two of Paleo's songs for you to preview, and of course all of the tunes are available on his website.