Time to recap

New Figurines - Hey Girl

I really enjoyed the 2006 album Skeleton from the Danish 4-piece known as Figurines. So, naturally, I'm pretty stoked that the band have a new album on the way this September. The album will see it's release on the Seattle based label The Control Group in the U.S. and from Paper Bag Records in Canada.

Have a sample to this brand new song from the upcoming album from Figurines.

The Mendoza Line - 30 Year Low

I cannot say that I have ever been a huge fan of husband and wife team that made up the band, The Mendoza Line. I have been a admirer of their work and an occasional fan (especially of the 2003 album, Full Of Light and Full Of Fire,) through the years. So it is incredibly bittersweet to get the news that although they have a new double disc album on the way, it will more than likely be their last as the original incarnation of The Mendoza Line, as Tim Bracy and Shanon McArdle's marriage is coming to an end.

Tim will continue on with the band, but Shannon will pursue other endevours. The new album is a double disc, as mentioned. The first disc being a "mini album" made up of eight new songs, the most notable featuring Okkervil River's Will Sheff guesting on "Aspect Of An Old Maid." The second disc, titled, Final Reflections Of The Legendary Malcontent is a giant melting pot of music. It includes live tunes, covers and demos from the history of The Mendoza Line. Covered on the second discs are the likes of Dylan, Springsteen and Cole Porter among others.

The album sees a release from Glurp Records on August 21.